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Baboon Room in Rome is a lovely guest house in historic palace, an elegant and comfortable facility that welcomes guests in the heart of the capital. What defines the soul of the guesthouse is its roots in the past time. We are, in fact, on the third floor of an 8th-century palazzetto.
A concentration of authentic Roman history that still allows you to experience the atmosphere of ancient times and breathe the true soul of the capital.

Guest house in Rome in historic palace rentals

The palace is located in the heart of the city, right in the historic center. We are located on Via del Babuino, in the so-called Trident.
The location goes well with the charm of the ancient building, capable of immediately projecting us into the Rome of the past.
But at the same time it manages to give guests relaxation and comfort thanks to the many amenities in the individual rooms. BaboonRoom consists of four large rooms completely renovated during 2020.Next to these we find a comfortable living area where we can read, relax, work and eat.

Holidays in Rome in guest house in historic palace

Sweet, Sunny, Cosy and Tiny rooms are spacious and comfortable, capable of accommodating from 1 to 4 people. They are perfect, therefore, for all kinds of guests: for singles on a business trip, for couples looking for a romantic experience, for families with children and for small groups of friends.

In addition, the Baboon Helper, the guesthouse's virtual assistant, is always available to meet every need, give advice and suggestions, book transfers, tours, guided tours, and experiences. Every morning, "assisted" breakfast service is available at BaboonRoom's living area from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Three different options are available:

  • Sweet: cake, bread, butter, jam, orange juice, espresso, American coffee, latte, milk or tea;
  • Savory: eggs (hard-boiled or a la cuque), flatbread or bread, orange juice, espresso, American coffee, café latte, milk or tea;
  • Healthy: yogurt, cereal, fruit, orange juice, espresso, American coffee, café latte, milk or tea.

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